Shotokan Katas Performed by JKA Instructors at the Headquarters in Tokyo – Japan. 

KATA are routines of fighting, cannot be a simple physical exercise. It is a way to attain discipline in Martial Art, and to cultivate the Art part, of it. Without the practice of Kata there is no progress in true Karate-do. There are 27 Katas in Shotokan Karate. Here you can watch the beginners and advanced level Kata that would lead you to achieve the first degree of Black Belt:

Heian Shodan – JKA

Heian Nidan – JKA

Heian Sandam- JKA

Heian Yondan -JKA

Heian Godan -JKA

Tekki Shodan -JKA

Bassai Dai – JKA

Jion -JKA

Empi -JKA

Kanku Dai – JKA